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Master Grilling Assortment
Our Price: $139.99
BBQ Smoker's Delight Combo
Our Price: $189.99
Premium Steak Package
Our Price: $249.99
Steak Lovers Package
Our Price: $229.99

Master Chef Choice

Master Chef Choice

What does Master Chef Choice mean? All of our cattle are graded by USDA and Master Chef Choice means they were graded as USDA Certified Upper 2/3 Choice - the top tier of USDA Choice Beef. Because we hand pick the best of the Black Angus breed cattle for our program, only 1 in every 8 cattle qualify to be labeled Creekstone Farms Master Chef Choice. Because Master Chef Choice has a higher ratio of marbling, it will be consistently tender and have great beefy flavor. This is the grade that is used in the best of steakhouses and upscale restaurants around the world. To read more about beef grades, click here.

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Master Chef Prime Whole Brisket (16-18lbs.)
Our Price: $139.99
Master Chef Prime Whole Brisket (14-16 lbs.)
Our Price: $129.99
Master Chef Prime Whole Brisket (12-14 lbs.)
Our Price: $119.99

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Creekstone Farms Professional BBQ Apron
Our Price: $19.99
Meaty Back Ribs
Our Price: $89.99
Creekstone Farms Hat
Our Price: $14.99